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Water Eater®

Water Evaporator Photos

Water Evaporator 3-Way Valve
The 3-way valve is standard on machines with the pump or autofill options. This valve facilitates the filling and emptying of the tank. The pump can be used to transfer water from two external sources.

Fully Removable Lid On All Water Evaporators
All of our waste water evaporators have fully removable lids.

Water Evaporator Funnel Floor and Pump
All our water evaporators have a 2" drain. 
The gas models and our larger electric models have funneled floors.

Water Evaporator Burner Tube
Burner tube on Model 240G water evaporator.

Water Eater® 

Wastewater Evaporator Model 85E Water Eater

  • 5 GPH
  • Electric Heat
  • 85 Gallon Capacity

Water Eater® 125E

Wastewater Evaporator Model 125E Water Eater

  • 12 GPH
  • Electric Heat
  • 125 Gallon Capacity

Water Eater® 120G

Wastewater Evaporator Model 120G Water Eater

  • 15 GPH
  • Natural Gas/Propane Heat
  • 120 Gallon Capacity

Water Eater® 240G
Wastewater Evaporator Model 240G Water Eater

  • 22 GPH
  • Natural Gas/Propane Heat
  • 240 Gallon Capacity

Water Eater® 375G

Wastewater Evaporator Model 375G Water Eater

  • 40 GPH
  • Natural Gas/Propane Heat
  • 375 Gallon Capacity