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One Question We Are Often Asked

Why is your equipment so inexpensive?

We get asked this question so often, we decided to give it a web page. No, our equipment is not inexpensive because we omit critical components, use substandard materials. We are inexpensive because of a few basic manufacturing and design philosophies which we strictly adhere to. Among the most important:

  • We Do The Same Thing Over And Over And Over Again.
    Anyone in manufacturing knows the expense of building custom, one-off systems. Design time and redesign time; researching, sourcing & testing components; assembly time, after sale support, etc, etc. That's why we don't build custom equipment. Just one minor change can add thousands of dollars in costs when all of the above items are considered. But you can't charge one customer a few thousand dollars to make a simple design or component change. You have to amortize that cost over all the other units you build. You do that enough times and before you know it, every piece of standard equipment you manufacture is sporting an unrealistic price tag.
  • We Standardize our Components and Materials.
    Though we say we make two things, parts washers and wastewater evaporators, we really only make one thing, insulated steel tanks that have heaters, pumps, and controls. They just happen to be configured a little differently in each product. Since the products are similar, we can use many of the same assembly techniques, components, and construction materials across the entire product line. It also makes our customer service and support more efficient and less time consuming. If you have a problem, we can probably figure it out before you finish explaining it to us.
  • We're not Rocket Scientists.
    We're not selling A Process, A System, or An Integrated Technology. We're selling equipment that will clean parts or evaporate water. Period. These really aren't hard things to do. However, it seems like a lot of companies in our industry think they are. Custom PLC's and circuit boards, membrane touchpad control panels, radio frequency sensors, and so on. Are these items really necessary? In most cases, they just add a layer of complexity that increases costs, reduces reliability, and complicates operations. We are great believers in the Keep It Simple philosophy.
  • We're Metal Benders.
    We're not consultants, environmental engineers, or process specialists. We are metal fabricators and have been for over 25 years. We're not going to prepare a 10 page report describing your process problems and provide a matrix of your possible alternative solutions. We'll let you figure that out. But if you need to clean parts or evaporate wastewater, there's a good chance that we have a system that has been proven many times over at a cost effective price.