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Water Eater®

Water Evaporator Options & Accessories

AFS: Auto Fill System

The Auto Fill System (AFS) allows the Water Eater® to operate in a continuous and unattended mode as long as a feed source of water is available and the solids or concentration level does not create an overheat condition. The system operates as follows:

When the fluid level in the Water Eater® drops below the low level set point, a Countdown Timer activates the 70 SFP Self Priming Fill Pump (see below) and a Delay Relay which overrides the low level shutoff. If enough fluid is added by the pump during this timer cycle to satisfy the low level, the heating system will stay engaged. If the low level setpoint is not reestablished within the specified setting of the timer (i.e. the feed tank is empty), the Delay Relay is disengaged and the Water Eater® heating system will shut down. No external sensor in the feed tank is required.

The Auto Fill System can be operated with either the supplied 70 SFP Fill Pump or with a customer supplied pump or solenoid valve. The EMC supplied pump/solenoid contactor is rated at 40 Amps, 1 or 3 phase.

A backup high level control is supplied as an added safety system. Also, a three way diverter valve described below is included.

70SFP: Self Priming Fill & Cleanout Pump


The Self Priming Fill Pump (70SFP) is a 70 Gallon per Minute, centrifugal pump with a cast iron housing and a 1/2 HP motor. Inlet and Outlet ports are 2" NPT. When ordered with a Water Eater®, the 70SFP is mounted on the unit and wired into the control box. It can be activated by either a momentary toggle switch located on the control box or, if ordered, the Auto Fill System (AFS). 

The 70SFP comes with a three-way discharge ball valve which can be used in conjunction with the 20SDH Hose Assembly for cleaning out concentrate from the Water Eater.


20SDH: Hose Assembly

Water Evaporator Hose Assembly

The 20SDH Hose Assembly can be used in conjunction with the 70SFP for filling the Water Eater® or removing concentrated liquid waste from the Water Eater®. The hose assembly is 20' x 1 1/4" diameter and comes with an adapter bushing for connection to pump, quick disconnect cam and groove couplings, and foot valve with a strainer. Extension hoses are also available.

480V: 480 Volt Power (Models 85E and 125E)

Water Evaporator 480v

The electric heated Water Eaters (Models 85E and 125E) are available for operation on 480 Volt power. (Also, the Model 85E can be field converted to operate on 240V/1/50A).

Water Eater® 85E

Wastewater Evaporator Model 85E Water Eater

  • 5 GPH
  • Electric Heat
  • 85 Gallon Capacity

Water Eater® 125E

Wastewater Evaporator Model 125E Water Eater

  • 12 GPH
  • Electric Heat
  • 125 Gallon Capacity