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EMC Jetsink®

Small Parts Washer Photos

Top Loading Small Parts Washer
The Jetsink® is a top loading parts washer ideal for cell manufacturing.

Top Loading Small Parts Washer Shelf
A workstation shelf seen here on the right is available.
Small Parts Washer Rotary Cleaning Basket
Rotary cleaning basket is shown outside the Jetsink® small parts washer. Great for tumble cleaning.

Customized Top Loading Racking System
Above is a customized racking system. The Jetsink® is adaptable to the customer's unique needs.

Small Parts Washer Filter
The Jetsink® wash water is filtered
through an easy to access filter.

Water Eater®

Electric Evaporator

Electric Water Evaporator

Water Eater®

Gas Evaporator

Gas Evaporator