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Parts Washers Photos

Extra Height Parts Washers for Large Parts
Extra Height Powerjet Parts Washers for Larger Parts

Replaceable Filter Bags
Replaceable Filter Bags

Automatic Parts Washer with 4 Turntables and Parts Baskets
Automatic Parts Washer with Four Turntables and Parts Baskets

Large parts washer with several baskets
Powerjet Model 5846 Automatic Parts Washer with Several Parts Baskets

Large Automatic Parts Washer
Powerjet Model 5846 Large Automatic Parts Washer with three Turntables and Baskets
vice before parts washer cleaining
Before Parts Washer Cleaning

vice after parts washer
After Parts Washer Cleaning

parts washers in stock
Many of our parts washer models are often in stock for immediate shipment.

Powerjet® Models

Powerjet® 2846Powerjet® 2846 Automatic Parts Washer

  • 28" x 46" tall (other heights available)
  • 50 gallon capacity
  • 13.5 kW

Powerjet® 4046Powerjet® 4046 Automatic Parts Washer

  • 40" x 46" tall (other heights available)
  • 100 gallon capacity
  • 13.5 kW (optional gas heating)

Powerjet® 5846Powerjet® 5846 Automatic Parts Washer

  • 58" x 46" tall (other heights available)
  • 200 gallon capacity
  • 27 kW or 200,000 BTU gas heat