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EMC Jetsink®

Small Parts Washer Options & Accessories


The Jetsink top loading small parts washer comes complete with a parts centering wash rack, small "V" shaped parts basket, insulated wash cabinet, variable weir oil skimmer, and 1" ball valve drain. Additional accessories are available for special cleaning needs and convenience of use. Pricing for options and accessories are listed on the Jetsink price schedule


Rotary Cleaning System:
Ideal for washing small parts and/or parts with blind holes. Includes a Parts Rotor, Rotor Basket, and Gear Motor Assembly. The gear motor slowly (1 RPM) rotates the Rotor Basket while the spray system washes basket contents from above, below, and the sides. The tumbling action allows the spray to reach all parts, minimizes the pooling of water, and speeds the drying action. The Parts Rotor can be used in conjunction with the supplied Rotor Basket or other customer supplied baskets.

Dip Tank Basket:
Open top basket for soaking hard to clean part. 9"x 21" x 8.5" Deep. The dip tank basket can be used while the spray system is cleaning other parts.

Convenient staging area for wash racks, baskets, and other cleaning accessories. This workstation bolts onto the small parts washer's top frame.(17" x 24", 200 lb. capacity)

1400-VPBV Basket:
Small V shaped perforated steel basket for handling small parts. Nests onto standard wash racks. (4) "V" Baskets fit on one standard wash rack (10" x 5" x 5"). One "V" basket comes standard with every Jetsink.

440 Volt Power:
440V/20A/60Hz Voltage option. Not available on 1426-110V unit.
7 Day Timer:
Available for Model 1426-110V only. A plug-in grounded timer allows for the heating system to automatically activate. A control box mounted 7 Day Timer comes standard on all 220v and 440v models.