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Powerjet® Model 5846

Parts Washer

The POWERJET® Model 5846E is an automatic, cabinet style spray washer with a 55 inch diameter turntable. Ideal for general purpose cleaning, including degreasing of machined parts, and cleaning your larger batches of assembly parts. Applications include large engine rebuilds, post fabrication rinse, and aerospace parts cleaning. Easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain, the 5846E has all the standard Powerjet® features listed below.

MAXIMUM WASH AREA 58" x 46" Tall, 55" Diameter Turntable
FILTRATION SYSTEM Full Flow Filtration
TANK CAPACITY 200 U.S. Gallons
1250 lbs
280 Gallons Per Minute
Straight Jets, 4 Sides, 360° Coverage
27 KWatt Electric
7 Day Heating System Timer

Features & Benefits

  • Thermal Guard® Energy Saving/Heat Retention System:  Fully insulated wash cabinet and roof, double wall construction, and pressure controlled vent damper with coalescer keep the heat and cleaning solution in and the energy bills down.
  • Solution Saver®/Oil Eater®:  Full flow 100% filtration using industry standardized filters and the OIL EATER® keeps your solution cleaner longer. Minimizing particulate and oil build up makes for cleaner parts and lower operating costs.
  • Easy Rack® Fixturing System:  The Easy Rack® provides almost unlimited part loading combinations. Easily field adaptable for individual needs. Multiple turntables and baskets are available.
  • Precision Targeting Spray System: Four sided, 360 degree coverage with up and down aiming jets on slightly different planes to target your parts, not each other. Combined with the JETPORT®, provides spray coverage throughout the wash area.
  • Industry Standardized Components. Most parts are available from major industrial supply houses. You are not held hostage by the high mark up on "captive" parts only available by the original equipment manufacturer.
  • One Year Warranty on Parts & Workmanship.

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Powerjet® 5846 Automatic Parts Washer

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